1/6/2018 12:26 a.m. — RFE/RL reports that Iranian authorities have blocked social media and messaging apps to foil would-be organizers and quell ongoing antigovernment protests.

But in one minor regard, state officials appear to have decided that if they can’t beat ’em, they’ll join ’em.

The country’s state broadcaster, Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), used the banned messaging app Telegram to hail the authorities’ ban on that very same app.

​1/6/2018 12:26 a.m. — (From RFE/RL) Some credit Roohollah Zam with providing a crucial information platform for Iranian protesters as they take on the Iranian regime. Tehran, however, accuses him of inciting violence and spreading fake news.

Whichever way you see it, there is no doubting that Zam, a former journalist turned exile, has become someone for the Iranian authorities to reckon with. Making use of the encrypted safety of the messaging app Telegram and the information agency he runs from abroad, Zam takes on all members of the establishment in Iran in an effort to bring the system down.


*Some information for this report provided by AP.

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